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         About Our President and CEO

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Marvin A Bell is the President & CEO of “ Tampa 2 Security “. Marvin is a Tampa native and a graduate of Florida A & M University where he earned a Bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice with a minor in Psychology. Prior to him graduating from Florida A & M University he successfully completed his college internship as a Probation Officer. Then, he got his first job as a correctional officer for the Florida Department of Corrections. In 1985, Marvin obtained his State of Florida Class D security license and began working security throughout the Tampa area. He gained experience working sporting events (including Bucs games and 3 Super Bowls) Tampa Bay Mutiny, concerts,  parades, music festivals, movie sets, private parties, dances, night clubs, hotel security, Florida State Fair, and much more. Marvin believed with his education, experience and intelligence he could start and operate a successful security company. So, in January 2016, “Tampa 2 Security” was born. Marvin believes Tampa 2 Security is the fastest growing Small & Minority owned security business in the Tampa, Fl area. 

      We are honored to be able to protect and serve our clients.

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